Faceting Designs, Diagrams, and Techniques

Sources of information for the beginning and advancing faceter.

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CAD drawing of a gemstone

Ready-Made Designs

Special thanks to the Mid-Tennessee Gem and Mineral Society for maintaining this detailed and free database of faceting diagrams!

Faceting Diagrams

Gem Designs by past members of Midwest Faceter's Guild

Master Gem Cutters and enthusiasts from the Midwest Faceters Guild created designs which were published in our Guild Newsletter "The Midwest Faceter".  We searched the database maintained by the Mid-Tennessee Gem and Mineral Society and found them!

Some of our members still create designs, but they remain in private catalogs for now. 

Designs published in Midwest Faceter

GemCad Software

Are the terms "reflection" and "refraction" fun for you? Have you always wanted to design a signature stone? 

If so, you might want to learn GemCad. 

We have a class for that!!! 

It is usually offered in conjunction with our Annual Seminar in August.

Let us know if you're interested!

In the meantime, here's some info:

GemCad is Computer Aided Design Software for the gem cutter. See button below for info or to purchase as a download.

GemCad User's Guide

GemCad Blog

GemCad Software

Faceting Techniques & Videos

Faceting on an Ultra Tec Machine

Midwest Faceters Guild Member Dr. Reg walks you through faceting on an Ultra Tec machine in "Steps in Gem Faceting". Dr. Reg is a frequent contributor to our Guild newsletter, a resource only available to our members! (Hint, hint.) 

Faceting on an Ultra Tec Fantasy Machine

Another great video from Dr. Reg.