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Sharing the Rough, a Documentary

if you haven't seen this beautiful,  informative, and award-winning documentary, we highly recommend it!

"Sharing the Rough documents the never-before-captured process of following a gemstone from mine to market.

More than that, it tells the story of the intricate relationships that make jewelry more than just pretty objects

but an expression of our collective humanity." 

Roger Dery: Gem Journal

Follow the adventures of Master Gem Cutter Roger Dery as he travels the world in search of unique, ethically sourced gems. 

Whether you're looking for insights into sourcing gemstones straight from the mines, or you want to learn more about the gems themselves, this site features gorgeous photography and wonderful first person insight. It's a great place to start or nourish your love of gems

Free Gemology Courses and Resources

Here's a list of free gemology resources curated by Paul Gian of Beyond4CS. 

He says " Whether you aspire to be a professional gemologist or simply want to build up your knowledge as a casual gemstone collector, this list of resources will provide a head start into the fascinating world of gemology." 

Grab a bottomless cup of coffee and a map, because you're bound to get lost in this information!

More to Come!